Psalm 61-The Heart of a King Part 2

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“Psalm 61-The Heart of a King Part 2” by My Recording.
  1.     When trouble is rising-up go to the Rock that is higher than you.  (Psalm 61:1-4)
  2. Troubles rise-up to cover your heart and keep you from following Christ.
  3. When troubles rise-up call on Him who will take you-up to the Rock  higher than you!
  4.     When God leads you to the Rock higher than you take your stand in dependence on Him.    (Psalm 61:5-8)
  5. God takes you to the Rock in answer to your prayers to continue His  great plan.
  6. To stay on the Higher Rock continually worship and trust only Him.


“For apart from me you can do nothing.”     Jesus Christ

(John 15:5)